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On this news page you will find links to recent stories linked to the industry, but please be advised that many of the most relevant news, stories, updates  and opportunities in relation to the Clyde Fisheries from the CFA will be published in the members only area (log in link on Home Page) or will be sent directly to our member email list/distributed at meetings.  We have included an example CFA newsletter for your interest attached to this page.


If you find the information we provide useful and would like to gain access to more relevant news and updates, we would encourage you to get in touch and considering joining Clyde Fishermen's Association.



The photograph above shows the CFA Chairman, Kenneth MacNab, on the 21st of April 2015 in London.  The Fishermen's Misssion recognised Kenneth's contribution to fundraising through his 2014 walk along The Great Wall of China and rewarded his efforts with an award.  Well Done Chairman!


The Clyde Fishermen's Assocociation's Annual General Meeting will take place in Glasgow on the 20th of June 2015.  Invitees should have/will receive an invite, we are developing our mail out lists currently.  Please remember to RSVP to ensure numbers can be confirmed.


The Clyde Fishermen's Assocociation's Executive Committee have agreed to set aside funds to cover some mandatory training for CFA members.  Please contact the Executive Secretary with any related questions regarding the scheme. 


The Executive Secretary will shortly distribute instructions on how to access the CFA private online members area to all CFA members emails.  This area will offer policy updates, meeting schedules, deadlines on consultations and various papers and recent newsletters.  The CFA would encourage members to get intouch with any updates to contact details/emails to be passed on to the Executive Secretary.  The CFA would remind members that a great deal of bespoke emails are issued to members by email.


The Clyde Fishermen's Assocociation's is currently working with Seafish in order to create some bespoke Clyde Reports, we would appreciate co-operation with related research.  Seafish will also start their fleet surveys shortly, more details are located in the summer newsletter and the members login section.  Finally Seafish have published a very useful processors report which is available on the Seafish website. 



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