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Gear Improvements & Research

Marine Scotland are encouraging skippers from the CFA members and beyond to come forward with research ideas regarding possible gear improvement.  There is a chance that ideas may be funded.

The CFA are also working with academics and researchers to consider the surviability rate of the nethrops trawls in the Clyde, find the video below which shows the clean fishing techniques/high surviability of one of the CFA members catches.     


Our Past & Future Project

The CFA are working on some Fishing projects which will link closely with heritage and awareness raising.

These projects will link into the culture of the industry and it's positive  and sustainable benefits, socially, economically and culturally.




SFF are rolling out some new national fishing apprenticeships in conjunction with colleges and training providers.  At the moment the schemes are under implementation in the North East of Scotland, however it is likely that the scheme will be rollled out to the Clyde area shortly.

The CFA is also working closely with Clyde and West Coast of Scotland Training providers to ensure Clyde based crew have the highest standards of training. 

The CFA are also offering CFA members funding for mandatory training courses.


Fishing for Litter 

Marine Scotland recently released figures which detaled that over 800 tonnes of rubbish have been removed from Scottish waters by fishermen since the inception of the Fishing for Letter Scheme.  CFA remain active members, please see the short video for further information on this positive scheme.

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