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Core Values

For CFA members fishing is much more than a job or an industry, it's a way of life which has supported generations of communities for hundreds of years.  Fishing and its associated industries provide the lifeblood for many communities.  The CFA's primary role is to ensure the best interests of their fishing members are reflected in policy and general practice, this can range from debating strategic issues such as the impending Landing Obligations with beaurocrats, or ensuring that everyday practical information such as notices to marniers are sent to our members.  Our roles are wide and varried but 7 key points cover our primary objectives:   


Heart of the Sustainable Community

CFA works hard to support and promote local and national industries trading sustainbly.  CFA vessels support small costal communities inareas including Argyll, Ayrshire and the Upper Clyde.  They also support communities in industrial and post industrial towns and cities

throughout Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Glasgow by direct links to processing, hospitality and haulage.  The CFA's work aims to help support fishing

and the families and otherwise fragile communities who rely on the industry to grow and florish.

Provider of Skills, Employment, and Economic Stability/Trade       

The CFA aim to protect and promote the longterm viability and improvement of fishing employment opportunities and knowledge, they achieve this by linking with various training providers to ensure crew and new starts have the opportunity to access quality training.  The CFA provide a training fund for mandatory certificates/training.  The CFA help to promote their members produce and make links to opportunities, for example by linking with the SFF Services to faciliate guardship opportunities for member vessels.

Environmental Sustainable Fishing                                                                                                                                                                                

The CFA advocates it's members fish responsibly, understanding that a caretaking approach to fishing and the marine environment will ensure the longterm viability of the industry.  The CFA actively engages in scientific studies and aids improved research with impartial academics, as an association it respects and welcomes impartial science on fish stocks.  The CFA members also have an excellent practical knowledge of the marine environment, they engage in schemes such as Fishing for Litter.  The CFA have also engaged with various Marine Scotland consultations, and co-operated in the Marine Protected Environment process.  The CFA also advocates a weekend ban on fishing in the Clyde and supports a number of other measures which assist in maintaining healthy marine stocks.  Finally the CFA have made great advances in Gear Selectivity which has ensured far cleaner catches and almost no by catch in many instances.  The Clyde is well protected and regulated, the CFA plays its part to maintain a sustainable and balanced marine environment. 


Bearer of Tradition and Culture                                                                                                                                                                                       

The fishing industry has long offered a tradition and a strong culture.  Knowledge of the marine environment and fishing fishing techniques are only one element of the information passed from generation to generation.  Fishing has also been the root source of many songs, poems, myths, superstitions and legends.  Fishing offers a culture which is forward looking, but respects and acknowledges its heritage.    

Supporting Tourism                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Many webites, locals, tourists and photographers dedicate their time and resources to following the boats of the Clyde, they are a matter of interest and to many objects of affection.  The small costal towns dotted around the Clyde are alive with tourists in the summer who come to experience the fishing village character and seafood festivals, supported all year long by our members.  The seafish produce which the vessels catch undoubtably contributes to food based tourism in the Clyde area.  In addition the CFA works with partners through bodies such as Clyde 2020 and industry producers to develop branding and marketing for the Clyde marine area.      


Promoting Health                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Study after study proves the health benefits of eating seafood with its rich Omega 3 content.  The CFA wishes to promote the benefits of Clyde caught seafood and Scottish Seafood as a quality food product and a vital part of a balanced diet.

Partners and Relationship Builders                                                                                                                                                                                 

The CFA are collaborators with other industry partners, but they also reach out to work in collaboration with communities, training providers, the energy sector, charities, politicians, NGO's, government, scientists and academia.  As a sector the fishing community thrives on trust and seeks to develop further partnerships.


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