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Who Are We?

The Clyde Fishermen's Association is a productive and supportive association which reflects the needs of fishermen and fishing reliant communities largely in the West of Scotland.  Established in 1934 under the Chairmenship of Archiebald D MacNair, Justice of the Peace and Lord Provost of Campbeltown.


Our Members

We currently have just under 60 member vessels as members.  These vessels come from all over the Clyde, from Ayrshire, Campbeltown, Islay, Tarbert, the Upperclyde and Carradale.  Our members can be found fishing throughout the Clyde and beyond. Our membership is drawn from a wide range of vessels, they vary in size, crew, type of fishing (eg, nethrops, scallops, fin fish) and in technique of fishing (eg mobile and static, trawls and creels).  The CFA members fed their views into their representatives and committees and their needs and views are promoted and assisted by the Executive Committee and the Executive Secretary.  Members can seek assistance in a wide range of matters from input to EU /National policy formation through to applications for an individual fishing licences.  We remain approachable to all members, decisions of general interest are normally made on a consensus/voting basis. Members receive regular email updates regarding relevant policy and business issues.

Our Branches and Area Secretaries/Representatives

The CFA has 6 branches , and normally each area has a Secretary and a small general committee to manage local business.  Current Secretaries are Ayrshire: John Fulton, Campbeltown: Charles Reppke, Islay: Vacant but represented by John Baker and Jim Brown, Carradale: John McFadyen, Tarbert: Bruce MacNab,  Upper Clyde: Colin McArthur.  Branch meetings are called prior to Executive Committees, normally 6 are called a year.

Our Executive Committee

The CFA has an Executive Committee which meets a minium of 6 times per year and holds an AGM.  The Committee is organised and maintained by the Executive Secretary.  In terms of membership the Executive Committe has the following format, Chair: Kenneth MacNab, Vice Chair: Tommy Finn, Ayrshire Representative: James Jack, Campbeltown Representative: John Brown/Andrew Harrison, Islay Representative: Vacant, Carradale Representative: Matthew Ramsay, Tarbert Representative: Callum Elliot,  Upper Clyde Representative: Alistair Roberts.

Our Honary Presidents

The CFA's Honary Presidents are Jamie McGrigor (MSP), Ross Finnie, John Scott (MSP), Archiebald Patterson,

Robert Ross, Cecil Finn (OBE), Tom Hay, Patrick Stewart (MBE), Kenneth MacNab, George Jack and Richard

Johnston.  Honary Presidents are considered annually.

Our Day to Day Contacts

Our Executive Secretary is Elaine Whyte, she is responsible for the administration of the Executive Committee, she also represents the CFA on regular business such as meetings, working with partners, contact with members regarding queries and assistance, membership, completing consultations, policy input/responses , research and general development and awareness raising.  Our Administrator is Laura Roberts, she is responsible for collecting levies, finance queries and payments, accounting and also can help with membership enquiries.  Both Laura and Elaine are happy to help.      




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