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UPDATE - Unfortunately due to the large number of flood unnamed and Joe Bloggs entries sent on mass we have altered the questionnaire. We are attempting to offer a geniune voice to those who have not been able to engage through previous campaigns. We were happy to receive a range of views but we have made a decision to limit to those who wish to support the CFA's objectives through our own resources. Of course other avenues and organisations are availble to individuals who wish to present variant view points. Thank you! 


Thank you to all community members who attended the recent open Community Events around the Clyde.  We also extend a thank you to all of those who have taken the time and interest to follow this important issue which impacts on many associated with the fishing industry and communities beyond.  Please feel free to get in touch at anytime with any queries you may have.     


As promised please find below an automated survey which the CFA would be delighted if you could take the time to complete  Many questions are optional but the more detail you can offer the better.  As well as completing the survey we would encourage respondants to contact their local MSP's by email/letter with any concerns regarding currently proposed ambitious Marine Protected Area's and SIFT's Regulating Order.         


For clarity the CFA was not in opposition to proportionate MPA's at anytime over the 3 and a half years of consultation process and engaged willingly in the process.  The CFA are not supportive of the proposed ambitious MPA's which go beyond the initial recommendations of Scottish Natural Heritage and are more in line with the campaign objectives of some well resourced organisations.


The CFA are opposed to SIFT's Regulating Order for the Clyde due to concerns over proposed management model, the resourcing of the model, selective and outdated science and lack of full co-operation and consultation with key stakeholders including key fishing stakeholders and wider Clyde residents and organisations.


Please note that the CFA will continue to work with key partners to develop positive sustainable fisheries management  techniques and improvements, just as they have in the past.  A PDF example copy of some of the community presentations is also located below:       

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