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At the CFA we are happy to welcome new members, if you would like to discuss any issues please get in touch via the contact page, we'll be happy to help and advise. 


It's possible to request a membership form in hard copy or by email, but if you are happy to join immediately we've made the process easy for you!  Your application can be submitted electronically in the form opposite.


Please list all of the names of the agreed applicants electronically, if there are more than one applicant please number the names and correspond them to the numbered address details.  


If you would like to submit any additional details or are having any issues with the online application a word version of the application is accessible from the drop down menu above or please email or


Someone will be in touch within 7 days of application, if you haven't been contacted within this time please email on the details above.


Many Thanks and Welcome Aboard!








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